Ilia Jgharkava


The list of Ilia’s main activities includes audio recording, editing and mixing.

Since 2019 he is the founder and CEO of the Crow Sound Production.

He is cooperating with friends and music colleagues, especially with professional and successful conductor Mirian Khukhunaishvili, who is a doctoral student in Academy of Music in Kraków and also is a head of Tbilisi Youth Orchestra and Alter Orchestra.

The present photo (by Razhden Jaiani), showing one of Ilia's live recordings, is shot in the big hall of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. Here Tbilisi State Chamber Orchestra "Georgian Sinfonietta" performs Edward Grieg's work by conducting of Mirian.

In 2017, Ilia started working on sound design. He has participated in several successful projects in this regard, among which advertising campaigns of Archi Development Company with the participation of two famous Georgian sportsmen Zaza Pachulia and Lasha Talakhadze is the most remarkable.

Nowadays, thanks to his technical equipment, knowledge and experience Ilia is capable to create multitrack recordings of music, record dialogues and make sound effects for video production as well as audio digitizing, editing, mixing and mastering.